Business Intelligence Manager - Affiliate Portfolio

Business Intelligence Manager – Affiliate Portfolio

This role is responsible for supporting the development of marketing strategies and tactics and ensuring compliance with financial plans. They work with various disparate data sources and manage information into actionable business intelligence. They design SSRS reports, BI dashboards and data extraction workflows. They manage outside vendors to gain access to additional data sources for analysis.

Knowledgeable in the tools and techniques needed to transform raw data into insights.

Proactive in turning this information into new business strategies.

Capable of empowering other departments in the company to leverage advanced technology and industry techniques.

Insightful in providing historical, current and predictive views of business key performance indicators.

Skilled in verbally and graphically communicating data findings.

Research and analyze areas of interest to the company which will allow the company to gain a competitive advantage.

Increase the efficiency of old business processes and aid in the development of new business processes.

Perform market research and analysis.

Participate in management meetings related to intelligence reporting.

Implement the recommendations of intelligence reporting and management.

Identify intelligence needs of several teams.

Empower disparate teams in the business to leverage technology.

Develop an understanding of each department's datasets and how that data can be leveraged to make the Affiliate Lead channel more effective or efficient.

Synthesize complex findings into simple and actionable insights.

Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Analytics, Data Science, Math or a related field required. Master’s degree in MIS, CIS, Computer Science, Business Analytics or Data Science preferred.

Experience working with large data set and turning them into insights. Prior experience working in technology, ecommerce or digital marketing environment required.

Experience with cost flow and financial data (including margins) appreciated but not required.

Experience managing cross-functional projects.

Previous experience managing a team of analysts, vendors, or data sets preferred

Computer Skills:
Strong Tableau, Power BI, or other BI software solution

Expert SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL skillset

Experience using JIRA, Trello, TFS, or other Agile Project Management software

Experience using GitHub, Bit Bucket, or other code repository solution
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